About APT

About APT

During the conservative 90’s when business process automation and enterprise resource planning was not considered a value driver rather treated as a cost for doing business, a few far sighted technologists envisioned a time when enterprise business application technology would be considered core to an enterprise’s business strategy. Keeping this goal in mind, a technology platform was conceptually designed, developed and built with the aim of meeting and exceeding the strategic requirements of enterprises.

Within a short period of time, this platform gained acceptance from a wide spectrum of enterprise customers across industry sectors and organization sizes. Branded as APT – Application Process Technology, it enables collaborative work making people and organizations more efficient and effective, increasing business insight and consequently the strategic momentum needed for an enterprise to stay ahead.

APT provides an integrated view of core enterprise business processes, usually in real-time while also facilitating information flow between business functions and key external stakeholders. Built using leading edge technology, APT can provide significant results through self-service access to critical information for faster decision making. APT ERP solutions can be deployed in any organization regardless of size – from small and mid-market to large enterprises.

Business Benefits

Management Control - Management can now define work flow definitions in the organization by routing information and documents via the ERP system, thereby ensuring that time and efforts are spent for critical tasks by those responsible for its execution.

Sales Performance -To give your sales team a clear idea of who your best customers are and what kind of business sectors they are in, all that is required is up to date information that will tell them exactly where your business has been successful with past quotes and sales orders. This opens up the possibility of doing more business by retaining them.

Decision Making - APT offers organization with the insight and vision that is required for right decision making. Top management can easily delegate decision making downwards leaving them free to focus exclusively on business leadership, vision and strategy.

Control Overheads - APT provides the necessary tools which can help users to retrieve information within no time, and thus help in cutting down the overheads involved. It provides different levels of insight through use of exemplary analytical tools to aid managers towards an effective solution.

Cost Visibility - Knowing all the various costs involved in any business is crucial in making plans for any business. APT helps to identify in a single shot, all the costs that are involved in a process - be it sales, purchases, production or financial accounting.

By offering such a bird's eye-view of costs, managers are better equipped to make important decisions.

Reduce cost and risk - Simplified deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources.

Increase business productivity - The business process across the system is integrated with no duplication of data in a single view.

Real Time Data - The real time capabilities and the ability to see what is going on with in the company as it happens for dealing with high volume of business process.

Centralized System - The data will be placed into a centralized location, making it easier to perform the on going business activities with the existing historical data. With an ERP system, the company will never have inventory shortages or wasted time spent transferring files.

Powerful Reporting - Easy to use, powerful reporting for the whole organization across the whole suite.

Key Features

User friendly - The information can be accessed fast and easy manner with user friendly screens which are designed on desktop, web and mobile devices.

Vast Functionalities - End to End business functionalities with the solutions that enable enterprise wise reporting, analysis, advance analytics and collaboration.

Self Service - Users in the respective departments of an enterprise can access the required information by themselves with out relying on IT support team.

Less Complexities - Management and deployment complexities are reduced and information across the business can be accessed using a single platform.

Platform Independent - APT application created on platform independent - Compactable for Windows, LINUX, MAC, IOS and Android.

Multi Lingual - APT can be used for Multiple languages.

Dual Database - Database can be MSSQL, Oracle, My SQL.

Query and Reports - All reports can be on Data Query, Print, Design type and Analytical format.

BI's and KPI - Business Intelligence and KPI's are well balanced.

Vertical Integration - System can be linked to any Machines and other hardware using PLC and SCADA.

Why Choose APT?

Fully optimized - APT using organization is fully optimized their all process and operations.

Total usage -  APT make sure the organization is using its full capacity in effective manner.

Latest technology - Built on the core technology architecture foundation to fit any latest technologies without losing security and confidentiality.

Right decision making - Immediate access to real time information enables speedy decision making in less time  and effort.

Multi dimensional - APT helps to run companies in multiple activities without losing its operational challenges and goals.

Future opportunities - Offering solutions with ease of customization and configuration to the interface, documents and reports where in the business could be up and running  no time with the future adaptations to leveraging opportunities.

Secure platform - To ensure a secure and robust platform for maintaining business data. The solution has high level of security for effective control over data, document and infrastructure to fully support organizational requirements.

Regulatory compliance - Adherence to all the IT standard best practice to maintain the trust and better business relationships. Also APT serve companies to obey full transparency on data and process with internal, external and system audits for each countries rules and regulations. All statutory and taxation requirements are well optimized and can be user definable as per compliances and future requirements by the administrator.

Caring hands - ERP is the BMS of an organization, so our service modals are fully dedicated to our trusted customers and end users using our product and Services with caring hands with satisfaction and confidence.

APT future - Once the ERP is fully live  the biggest challenge is the extend services and transparency, there APT is giving you the full confidence and power to go any extent as the right partner.