APT ERP – Application, Process & Technology Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions

APT ERP is conceptualized and designed based on the Product Engineering and Life Cycle Methodologies over past two and half decades as a Business management and optimization tool. APT based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is capable of holding 10 Modular groups and 50 Module categories and 200 Process Modules. APT is optimized for 40 business verticals readily and can be conceptualized for any business domain of any requirements.

APT Architecture can be deployed fully or modular wise for Holding/Group/Single Companies with their business activities managed centrally and provide a consolidation according to the need irrespective of its Size, Location and Activity. The product can be optimized for complex processes in Engineering, Production Planning and Control, Time and Billing, Maintenance and Service Management along with Asset Management, CRM and Sales Automation, Procurement and Bidding, Human Capital Management & Financial Management as one system. It has an inbuilt communication tool, Document Management, Workflow Management and Integration tools. It encompasses industrial best practices and supports taxation and statutory requirements for any country.

APT Concepts, Product and Services are derived and created its own based on the long years of innovations & experience. Using APT, we manage our stakeholders well in advance at all times to keep momentum.

APT on Web

APT on Web has been developed fully on JAVA framework to operate as a thin client from any location. The application can be run on Windows/MAC/Linux OS and support multi databases – MSSQL, Oracle & MySQL. It enables multi lingual and can be used as per the country specific requirements using setup control panel. APTW3 provides safe and secure on line access guarantee with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. In addition it provides secured user accounts authorization with OTP (One time password) technology. APTW3 is developed as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for communicating with other APT modules or other applications.

APT on Mobile

Mobility enables connectivity with everywhere. APT on Mobile enable your internal and external partners’ (Clients, Vendors, Employees & Partners) to operate their business needs in your mobile at any time. APT Mobility works on Android, IOS and Windows platforms to connect with any devices. APT Mobility helps to view all the documents for various authorizations & approvals in real time in addition to viewing data analytics in the form of BIs, KPIs and Dash Boards.

APT On Premise

APT on Premise is a solution developed in primitive architecture and can be useful for companies operating locally. APT on Premise can be operated from any location and be connected with APTW3 and APT Mobility on the specific need. APT on Premise can manage Big Data in a simpler and more convenient as traditional business operation modal.

APT on Cloud

APT on Cloud is a business model created for companies to run application and data without any infrastructure. It is purely operated as SaaS (Software as a Service) and can be available on-demand basis. APT on Cloud offers various solutions to the customers in terms of Application, Data and Storage.

APT on Demand

APT started its journey of its product innovation since 1991. APT optimized more than 40 Business activities, 500 Customers and 25,000 End users catering all their requirements fully and confidence. APT on Demand can be conceptualized, developed and deployed for specific requirements with quality and in time. We hold the best team in R & D, Design, Development and Support. We use APTERP internally to work as a business management tool to optimize our processes, procedures & workflows. APT on Demand will deliver any complex projects in time with high quality.